At TwelfthMan, we were asked to take an app and redesign it, making it feel more 'sporty'. The app is going to be rolled out to multiple African countries and will be available on Android and iOS. 

For this job, I didn't tackle the UX of the app, this was purely visual. We were told that for the redesign we could choose to either design for iOS or Android and the app's in-house design team would translate it to the other platform. As I am an iPhone user, I chose iOS due to my more extensive knowledge of the operating system. 

Due to it just being a visual redesign, the content is dummy and for these visuals, the app is taking the colours of the Ivory Coast.

app store
3 mobiles-mockup

Colour System

During the design process, it was important to have a rigid system that could be applied when the app was sold to another country. Therefore, I decided that throughout the app there would be one colour which would signify passive, non-interactive page furniture (i.e. dividing lines, 'V' symbols) and the other would be interactive elements with positive connotations (i.e. buttons).



After the designs had been signed off, I needed to hand over the files to the client's design team for them to implement across the rest of the pages. As the designs were done in Sketch, I created symbols out of most of the elements which I thought would allow their designers to easily swap out elements and drop in UI elements into other pages. 

In addition to this, because many of the UI elements were symbols, the Sketch file also acted as a UI kit for the client.

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